Street Date:
November 13, 2020
Product Overview
Andrea Bocelli, the world’s biggest Classical artist, returns with a brand new album of songs to soothe the soul. Bocelli has the ability to touch audiences far and wide with his enduring music and messages of hope and positivity. 'Believe' is the follow up to his #1 smash album 'Sì,' and is a deeply personal work showcasing songs that emphasize renewal, rejuvenation, spirituality, rebirth and comfort. 'Believe' features some of the world’s favorite musical standards including You’ll Never Walk Alone, Amazing Grace, Ave Maria, Laudate Dominum, Barber’s Adagio and many more. This album will further solidify Andrea Bocelli as the world’s biggest global Classical artist.
Marketing Highlights
  • The world’s biggest Classical artist
  • ‘Believe’ is the follow up to the US #1 smash album ‘Sì’
  • Andrea Bocelli is the only Classical artist to ever have a #1 ALBUM on BILLBOARD 200 Chart
  • Sales have surpassed 90 million albums globally
  • About Andrea Bocelli
    A legend (of Andrea Bocelli’s stature) is not created by design: the most astute marketing would never be able to produce such a result. It is simply that people “recognized” him and voted for him. And so it happened, in an apparently equal context (a singing competition, the Sanremo festival in 1994) and yet a most perfect one, because the infancy of a legend follows a course which breaks traditions. From then on the tone of his voice has brought tenderness to the world and his fame has increased exponentially. Because “if God would have a singing voice, He would sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli”: even Celine Dion’s famous comment is a clear, unadorned testament to the artist’s mythical status as well as the perception of a gift…That voice, that simultaneously melancholic and radiant colour, unrivalled in the expression of the song of a lover or a father, a matchless expression of earthly desire or heavenly love, with 90 million record sales to testify to it.