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September 27, 2019
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Product Overview
The Abundantly More EP is the follow up EP to the successful “Death Was Arrested” EP from the North Point Community Church in Atlanta, GA. With a passion for the church and the growth of the kingdom, this EP is a collection of songs that has served North Point’s local church in Atlanta over the last year.
About North Point InsideOut
North Point InsideOut is a musical expression of worship from North Point Ministries 6 churches in Atlanta, GA. The group originally formed out of the church’s high school ministry, InsideOut, purposing to help give students everyday language to express their gratitude, dependence, and reverence for their Heavenly Father who loves them. In addition, they write with the hope that every person who hears their music will be encouraged to follow Jesus more wholeheartedly, and that those who feel far from God will personally experience the nearness of His grace. With the widespread popularity of their song “Death Was Arrested”, North Point InsideOut signed with Centricity Music in 2016. Soon after, they released “Nothing Ordinary—Live” in 2017, a self-titled EP, and the Christmas project “Ring the Bells”. In 2018, the band’s music was streamed 57.6 million times worldwide on all platforms, even earning placement on Spotify’s mainstream playlist, New Music Friday. This significant growth marks a new opportunity for the group to serve beyond their local church and to make an impact globally, with the desire to see as many people as possible encounter the life-changing Gospel of Jesus.