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September 20, 2019
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Product Overview
Singer-songwriter-producer-rapper PEABOD is giving hip hop a new name. The 25-year old Centricity Music artist has been capturing attention from listeners across the globe with his catchy hooks and masterful lyrics. PEABOD’s 2018 debut album Healthy Snacks dished out verses of witty commentary and pop culture references, partnered with infectious beats and rhythms. His musicality and creativity earned him a spot in Rapzilla’s Freshman class, along with multiple placements on Jesusfreakhideout’s “Best of 2018” list.

Now, with his EP Backpack, PEABOD’s energy shines through each track and invites everyone to join the party. Including the inclusive anthem “Left Out” (featuring Chad Mattson of Unspoken), the millennially relatable “Side Hustle,” and more, Backpack showcases PEABOD’s latest takes on life as he knows it.

Having shared the stage with acts including Social Club Misfits and Unspoken, PEABOD will be part of the Roadshow Futures tour this fall and Roadshow 2020.
About Peabod
Happy, quirky, and nostalgic aren’t the first adjectives that come to most people’s minds when thinking about hip hop music. These people have yet to hear the music of Isaac Peabody. Known by the stage name PEABOD, this 24-year-old singer-songwriter-producer from Seattle gives rap a new name. Crafting catchy hooks and masterful lyrics, PEABOD dishes verses full of wit and charm guaranteed to make anyone smile. Loaded with talent and infectious energy, PEABOD is a musical sensation listeners will be eager to call friend.