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September 06, 2016
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When his parish closes, a big-hearted California preacher is dispatched to a church in tiny Eufala, Arizona (population: 4521), a land of rodeos, square dances, love-struck goats, and amateur musicals. Can Pastor Randy and his loved ones keep their sanity long enough to inspire a community that’s gone astray? Starring Dina Meyer and Bruce Davison, this comic tale shows that a small town is a perfect place for a great big miracle.

Cast: Patrick Muldoon (Days of Our Lives), Bruce Davison (X-Men), Dina Meyer (Starship Troopers), Dominique Swain, William McNamara
Director: Nancy Criss
Writer: Kenneth Lemm
Executive Producers: Taylor Cleghorn, Ross Marroso, Ben McConley, Jason Van Eman
Producers: Nancy Criss, Kenneth Lemm, Sage Scroope
Rating: PG
Runtime: 93 min.
Language/Subtitles: English, English Subtitles, Spanish Subtitles, English SDH
Dove Review
"Fishes N’ Loaves: Heaven Sent" is a delightful film about what happens when we follow our calling, even if our journey there is rough going at first. Pastor Randy Michaels (Patrick Muldoon) is asked to leave his church in L.A. and is reassigned to Eufala, Ariz. His wife, Mary Louise (Dina Meyer), doesn’t want to go at first and even talks her husband into working with her brother at a restaurant. But Mary Louise quickly realizes that her husband is miserable, so she encourages him and says that she and their two kids, Chrissy and Peter, will move with him and make the most of their new location. So they leave the city for the country. Relocating doesn’t seem like a good decision at first, especially when their vehicle and moving van come up missing. But the reason it went missing becomes clear, and Pastor Randy and Mary Louise are surprised by the hospitality and warmth of their new church family. Pastor Randy is supposed to find a permanent replacement for the church’s retiring pastor, Ezekiel (Bruce Davison), but everyone but Randy soon discovers that he and his family fit in nicely. His wife becomes a consultant to a beauty salon owner in the church, his daughter becomes involved in the church play, and his son joins the high school baseball team. Pastor Randy is concerned when the candidates just don’t seem right for the church. But who is the right person? You will have to watch the film to see how it all ends. This movie features humor and wonderful themes, such as being loyal to family and keeping in mind that God has a purpose in our lives, even when it is not clear for a time. We excitedly award this film our "Faith- Friendly" Seal for ages 12-plus. The film is clear that God can use small things, such as fish and bread, when people place them in God’s hands. Also, make sure and watch for the youth pastor’s wild and energetic dance moves during the credits, during the church’s play about Noah and the ark. I dare you not to laugh.
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Fishes N' Loaves: Heaven Sent - Trailer
Fishes N' Loaves: Heaven Sent - Trailer