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January 10, 2017
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Product Overview
The Ultimate Legacy is the third installment of the ULTIMATE movie franchise. Based on the Jim Stovall novels, a self-absorbed young man is challenged to grow a conscience and change his ways in order to receive an inheritance from his grandmother. The Ultimate Legacy made its film premiere on The Hallmark Channel before a small theatrical run, and will be released on DVD in January of 2017.

Demo: Women 25-54
Starring: Raquel Welch, Brian Dennehy, Doug Jones, Logan Bartholomew, Myko Oliver, Ali Hillis, Bill Cobbs
Director: Joanne Hock
Genre: Drama
Prod. Year: 2016
Rating: PG
WS/FF: WS 1.78:1
Runtime: 99 min.
Language: English
Subtitles: No

Comparable Titles:
The Ultimate Gift, The Ultimate Life
About The Ultimate Legacy
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The Ultimate Legacy - Trailer
The Ultimate Legacy - Trailer