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November 15, 2016
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Home Entertainment
Product Overview
The Bible Stories Collection includes the most memorable and iconic stories of the Bible. This collection follows the inspirational lives of the men and women from the Bible whose faith in God proves to be the strongest force of all.

Demo: Family with kids 12+ and Christians
Starring: Ben Kingsley, Patrick Dempsey, Jeremy Sisto, Debra Messing, Lenard Nimoy, Christopher Lee, Max von Sydow, Elizabeth Hurley, Richard Harris, Lara Flynn Boyle and many more.
Genre: Family / Religious
Prod. Year: 1993 - 2000
Rating: NR
WS/FF: 1.78
Runtime: 29 Hours
Language: English, Spanish
Subtitles: Yes

Comparable Titles: The Bible Stories: In The Beginning
Marketing Highlights
  • Contains 13 movies, all with star-studded casts. Ben Kingsley (Joseph, Moses), Patrick Dempsey (Jeremiah), Jeremy Sisto (Jesus), Debra Messing (Jesus), Lenard Nimoy (David), Christopher Lee (Moses), Max von Sydow (Solomon), Elizabeth Hurley (Samson & Delilah), Richard Harris (Abraham), Lara Flynn Boyle (Jacob) and MANY more!
  • Newly Restored and Remastered From High Definition Sources!
  • Emmy-winning series!
  • Highly popular titles! Individual releases have sold over a combine total of over 1MM units! (Videoscan + CBA sales)
  • Set includes the most iconic and memorable stories of the Bible, including Genesis, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Samson & Delilah, David, Solomon, Jeremiah, Esther, Jesus and Paul The Apostle.
  • Faith-based movies are incredibly popular. Recent releases include War Room grossed over $73.7MM at the box office and Miracles From Heaven, $72.3MM at the box office!
  • Perfectly timed for Christmas.