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October 20, 2015
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Owlegories Vol. 1 - The Sun, The Seed, and The Water follows a group of student owls as they travel on adventures learning about nature, faith, and God. Each lesson focuses on an element of nature that helps teach children about the nature of God and the truths found in His Word.

The Sun - On the first day of class with their new teacher, the students take to the desert in search of a rare, ancient artifact. Following this mysterious tool through the desert, the owls begin to discover ways in which the sun is like God, and the students discuss the ways in which the creator of the universe can be known through his creation.

The Seed - While visiting Yellingstone National Park with Professor Owlister, the students are on a quest to discover what makes seeds grow. Following an exciting scavenger hunt and making use of some helpful seeds, the owls discover that their faith can grow when properly nourished and cared for, just like the seeds!

The Water - While on a quest to hunt down the foundation of life, the owls have to band together to discover this secret destination. And in so doing, they also learn about the ways in which God, the creator of all things, is like water!
About Vol. 1: The Sun, The Seed, The Water
Owlegories is a new animated series and interactive digital app that teaches kids about God through the amazing things found in nature and revealed in God’s word! You can tell a lot about artists by what they create. That is the premise behind Owlegories, the animated series. Owlegories explores the nature of God as the creator of the universe through this new, fun-filled, animated series.
Owlegories Animated Series - Official Trailer
Owlegories Animated Series - Official Trailer
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