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April 01, 2014
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A heartwarming collection of inspirational devotions mixed with stories, quotes, scriptures and tips from favorite "mommy bloggers" for moms on the go.

Modern moms have so many things to do and so little time in which to do them. This book is sure to inspire busy mothers with uplifting devotionals mixed with stories, memorable quotations, time-saving tips, and timeless scripture passages. Focusing on the challenges that accompany today's fast-changing world, this text will inspired readers to live faithfully, courageously, and energetically as they rise above the challenges of everyday living.

The Busy Mom's Book of Inspiration makes a perfect gift for Mother's Day.

  • 65% of mothers work outside the home, so this busy lifestyle is the "norm" rather than the exception
  • A number of the top "mommy bloggers" have contributed tip and insights--and will help blast the book launch
  • Mothers contribute so much their families, communities, and job enviornment--and need a resource to help renew their own spirit!

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    ISBN: 9781617953293
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