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July 16, 2013
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Uninspired and newly single painter Sara is down on her luck and wants nothing more than to get away from her problems. When she decides to take a trip to visit her mom, she becomes involved in a mission to save a local church which is in danger of being closed down. Determined to help preserve the historic building, Sara embarks on a mission that not only gives her a new outlook on life, but enables her mother to rekindle a long lost love from her past. Starring Emmanuelle Vaugier, Mark Deklin and Shelley Long, The Wedding Chapel is a story about love, forgiveness and embracing new beginnings.

Stars: Shelley Long (Strawberry Summer, “Modern Family,” “Cheers”), Mark Deklin (Tarzan - 2013), Riverworld, “GCB”), Emmanuelle Vaugier (Deception – 2013, “Two and a Half Men”)

  • All-new original movie featuring Emmanuelle Vaugier, Mark Deklin and Shelley Long
  • Awareness of cast: Mark Dekiln (Starring as Greystoke, Tarzan 2013) and Emmanuelle Vaugier ( Deception 2013)
  • Release timed perfect for Mother’s Day gift giving.
  • Part of the Faith & Family brand
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    Studio: Nasser
    Disc: 1
    Runtime: 92 minutes
    Genre: Drama, Romance

  • Dove Review
    Target audience: Women 25-54

    COMP DVD Titles: Love Begins, No Greater Love, Grace Card, Your Love Never Fails, Like Dandelion Dust, Mile in His Shoes

    Mother/ Daughter relationship,
    Patience, waiting for love
    Romance, love
    Personality differences
    Trust in others/ love/ would not get hurt Modern world vs. traditional world Military veterans, returning home/ war issues 2nd chances

    Dove "Family-Approved" Seal for All Ages
    Wedding Chapel, The
    Quality Rating: 1-5 Doves

    Dove Family-Approved
    Suitable for all ages

    Dove Worldview:
    This movie will inspire you! The characters are delightful and their cause is noble, to save a Wedding Chapel which is faced with being shut down so that it can be replaced by a shopping mall. The building has historical significance as well as an emotional tie for many of the residents that live near it. Emmanuelle Vaugier as Sara and Shelly Long as her mother are terrific and the plot takes an interesting twist as Sara's mother finds a long lost love from her past and Sara discovers a new one.

    We are pleased to award this wholesome and heartwarming movie our Dove "Family-Approved" Seal for all ages and five Doves, our best rating.

    Content Description:
    Sex: Kissing by a few couples.
    Language: None
    Violence: None
    Drugs: Drinks are seen but it is not clear if it is water or something else.
    Nudity: Cleavage.
    Other: Tension between a mother and daughter; woman arrested a few times.
    About Wedding Chapel
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