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April 23, 2013
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Product Overview

TALE OF THE COMET: Wisdom Rock, ancient legend said it fell from the tale of a comet. The gypsies sought this regal stone for knowledge of the future. With the help of the Christian Cowboy, they discover wisdom only God can give.

29 mins / Color / 1986

SECRETS OF SINBAD: The Christian Cowboy became suspicision when Professor Sinbad brought his colorful wagon onto Main Street and began selling his Canyon Root Elixir. Tom and Jenny helped the Christian Cowboy solve the mystery of puppets who talked when they were supposed to be silent, plus the theft of jewels, watches, and wallets. It’s high adventure, full of intrigue, but also clearly presents the wonderful Good News of the Gospel!

27 mins / Color / 1988.

Production Year/TV Premiere Date: 1986, 1988
Director: Art Davis

Key Selling Points:
  • Teaching children Christian value’s through entertaining animated cartoons
  • Dove Approved
  • Target: Children 4 to 9; Families; Biblical Film fans Comp Titles: