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October 09, 2012
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Kids have BIG questions! Clive & Ian have blimp-sized answers! What's in the Bible? newsman Buck Denver wants to introduce you to two of his best friends - Clive and Ian. Join them as they sail through the skies and answer 6 really big questions about God!

New from VeggieTales and What's in the Bible? creator Phil Vischer, Clive & Ian's Wonder-Blimp of Knowledge takes some of the biggest questions we have about God and answers them in a way that's fun and easy for the whole family to understand. Questions like "Is God as powerful as a superhero?" and "Does God tell the truth?".

  • Popular characters from the best-selling What’s in the Bible? DVD series – Clive & Ian, explorers
  • Direct to Church awareness - Awana ® curriculum created in 2010 around Clive & Ian
  • Continued support of Clive & Ian at and Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse Jr. site/magazine
  • Online/Social Media: over 110,000 Facebook fans for the What's In The Bible series – full engagement to support new DVD.
  • Created by Phil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales and What's In The Bible – over 55 million DVDs sold, 3 million CDs and 5 million books.

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    Run Time: approx. 45 minutes
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    FOR FANS OF: VeggieTales, The Muppets, PBS Kids
    About Clive & Ian's Wonder-Blimp of Knowledge 1
    As co-creator of the popular VeggieTales series, Phil Vischer has served as writer, director, and voice for more than a dozen characters, including Bob the Tomato. Phil’s faith-filled VeggieTales stories can be found in a third of all American homes. Vischer and his wife, Lisa, live in the Chicago, Illinois, with their three children.
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