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June 19, 2012
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When a privileged but sheltered princess (Fiona Perry) is threatened by a breach of palace security, her mother the Queen (Kim Little) makes the decision to send her to America where she has an aunt (Bobbi Jo Lathan) living in the heartland, far from suspicious eyes and hands. Once there, immersed in the “normal” culture, forced to pretend she is the opposite of herself, a normal little girl, our princess naturally has trouble making friends, at least of the human variety; when she discovers a carnival pony, however, it's love at first sight. But this love is soon threatened when the ne'er-do-well carnival owner (Bill Oberst Jr.) discovers her true identity, thus her true worth.

This is a parable about virtue and friendship modernized for today's kids while retaining enough classical elements to feel timeless. The script, by director Rachel Lee Goldenberg (Sherlock Holmes) and Bill Parker, is balanced nicely between sentimental and adventurous, hitting all the right emotional chords. The result is a fun, sweet, lively and uplifting film that the whole family can enjoy.


  • Starring: Fiona Perry of DISNEY’S HIDDEN BEAUTY, Bill Oberst, Jr. from THE SECRET LIVES OF BEES and Kim Little from DIAGNOSIS MURDER.
  • Bonus Material: Making of Featurette and Gag Reel

    Dove Worldview:
    Here is a charming movie about one young princess on an adventure. As Evelyn travels to her aunt's American home in a small town, she has to keep her identity a secret until she can come out of hiding to appear to her country for the first time since she was born.

    Our young princess finds her only friend in this new world is a mistreated pony named Echo. The two brave their circumstances to find confidence in themselves as they help to capture the group that is trying to kidnap the young Evelyn. Along the way Evelyn learns a lot about the world outside the palace and Echo makes the important jump that saves them both.

    This is an entertaining movie for the entire family. We award this film our Dove "Family-Approved" Seal for all ages.
  • Content Description:
    Sex: A couple share a kiss.
    Language: None
    Violence: Men try to kidnap princess; man and woman try to shoot a pony; young girl tied up; woman steals sheriff's keys.
    Drugs: None
    Nudity: None
    Other: Mistreatment of a pony.

    Run Time: 87 Minutes – 1 DVD
    Genre: Family, Adventure
    Rating: NR
    Source: DTV
    Format: Widescreen
    Dove Family-Approved Suitable for all ages

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    Comp titles: Princess Diaries, DERBY STALLION and MY LITTLE PONY (SERIES)