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October 18, 2011
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Christmas in Canaan: Billy Ray Cyrus stars in this touching story about the true meaning of the holiday season. When a pair of boys with nothing in common team up to help an injured dog, an unlikely friend ship begins. As they grow into adults, their beliefs are tested by the rapidly changing world and they see that it will take strong faith and family spirit to keep them together. Based on the book co-written by Kenny Rogers and featuring an original song by Billy Ray Cyrus, Christmas in Canaan is a touching drama that shows that the most important gifts in life are the ones money can't buy.

All I Want For Christmas
Ever since her husband died, Sarah Armstrong (Gail O’Grady) has divided her time between work and caring for her nine-year-old son, Jesse. When Jesse enters and wins a toy company holiday contest, his Christmas wish comes as no surprise- to get a new dad. But even though his wish is a big one, nothing is impossible during the season when dreams come true in this surprised-filled, romantic tale for anyone who believes in love, friendship and family.

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  • Christmas in Canaan starring Grammy nominated singer and actor, Billy Ray Cyrus and features the inspirational original song “We’ll Get By Somehow (We Always Do)” written by Billy Ray Cyrus.
  • Christmas in Canaan debuted on the Hallmark Channel -- ranked as the #1 program garnering 3.7M viewers on 12/12/09.
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    Dove Approval:
    Christmas in Canaan: Dove Family Approved 12+
    All I Want for Christmas: Pending

    Rating: NR / NR
    Run Time: 89 min. / 90 min.

    FOR FANS OF: Christmas in Canaan, The Christmas Card