International Accounts
In an effort to efficiently service CBA accounts located outside of the United States, Capitol Christian Music Group has established an international department to handle all international needs. This department contracts with international distributors in various countries worldwide who service retail as well as media in their respective countries.

The International Department does not directly service retail and media outlets outside of the United States. It should also be noted that our sales to customers in the United States are not for resale outside of the United States. Such sales shall constitute a violation of our policies and Capitol Christian Music Group may, in the exercise of its sole discretion, stop selling some or all products to you or impose such other penalties as it deems appropriate. We will not sign NAFTA forms that are sent to us. Contact our International Department for legitimate international distribution requests at 615.371.6800 or fax to 615.371.6555.
Signing Up To Be An International Distributor
Contact our International Department for legitimate international distribution requests at 615.371.6800 or email to your International Account Representative. Applicants will need to complete and submit the following forms for consideration:
Order Procedures for International Distributors
Orders will be accepted by e-mail only, please send to your Capitol Christian Music Group International Account Representative (no faxed orders will be processed). All orders must use the Capitol Christian Music Group International Order Form provided by your International Account Representative. This order form must be completed with the following information:

  • Account number
  • Purchase order number
  • Shipping address and method of shipment
  • Complete UPC or ISBN product codes, titles and quantities

    It is the goal of the International Department to process all orders within 24 hours of receiving your order. To ensure that your orders are processed within this time frame, please confirm that your account is in good standing with our credit department. Orders placed for an account with an overdue balance may be significantly delayed or cancelled. Please allow three business days for your order to be filled by our warehouse. Our warehouse packs CDs in boxes of 30 and books in case lots. By ordering your product in case lots, you can help ensure that your order is filled quickly and accurately.

    Please note that once your completed order leaves our warehouse, Capitol Christian Music Group is no longer responsible for this shipment.
  • Accessing Invoices
    You can access all of your invoices by logging in at the top of the screen and then selecting "My Account" and then "Invoice Copies". There you can print copies and access your invoice history.

    If you do not see that option, you will need to complete a Partner Plus User Agreement to elevate your level to access this section of our website. Click here for the form and once completed, please fax it to 615.371.6555 or email to your International Account Representative.

    You can also sign up to have the shipping paperwork (including the invoices) emailed to you along with your freight forwarder. Please contact your International Account Representative to have this updated in your shipping instructions.
    Shipping Paperwork
    Backordered items will be indicated on invoices. However, there will be no notification on your invoices for out of print and restricted titles. Finished invoices and customs paperwork is attached in a plastic sleeve to the outside of one of the boxes in your shipment. Our warehouse will fax or email a copy of the invoice to the contact noted in your shipping instructions form.

    Product Restrictions
    While the majority of the product listed in this catalogue is available worldwide, there are some label and individual title exceptions and restrictions. Please refer to the "Restricted Products and Labels" listing below:

    Restricted Product and Labels.pdf

    If you have any questions regarding international product sales, please contact Capitol Christian Music Group at 615.371.4200 and ask for the International Department.